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Packages and Pricing

Phone Consultation FREE (30 min)

Initial conversation to discuss what you feel you need to feel your best. If you have a new diagnosis that requires a specialized diet or if you just want to get back to cooking your own meals for overall wellness. We will discuss your current habits, where you would like to be and how we can get there with pleasure and ease.


Food Consulting $100 (2 hrs)

2-hour visit to your home. This is where we gather info to make our game plan. We will discuss your current eating styles, review pantry items, discuss healthy alternatives and easy shifts we can make to add more nutrients to your meals. We will explore food likes and dislikes for you and others in the home. Mealtime is a family affair so I love getting as many people involved as possible, especially children. Discuss eating out and how often. Come up with alternative restaurant choices and navigate the best menu choices to support your wellness. It’s all about discovering sustainable shifts we can make to add in whole foods and push out processed items that are not contributing to optimal wellness. We are not going for perfectionism. We are going for what works for YOU. ($50/ each additional hour, mileage and travel fees may apply depending upon your location)


Grocery Shopping $50 (1 hr)

Let’s hit the streets and visit your favorite local grocery stores. We will read labels, discover how to see through deceptive marketing on food products and find the foods you love that will best support your health. For example, does “all-natural” mean anything? Why should I buy organic? What is the difference between cage-free, free-range and pastured eggs? Why should I spend so much more on grass-fed beef? There is SO much to know when you are choosing what to put in your body. It is empowering to understand what to look for. Once you know how to source the best ingredients your meal choices are endless.  


In-Home Cooking $200 (4 hrs)

I will come to your home and walk you through cooking your meals for the week. We can strategize ways to set you up for success in your week. If you are new to cooking I can teach you how or if you already have the skills we can work on shortcuts or continue your education about sourcing the best ingredients for the recipes you love. It will be fun!

*Cost does not include the cost of food. you will do the grocery shopping before we arrive and we will cook together. If you would like me to do the grocery shopping it will be an additional $50. 


Feedback Call FREE

We will touch back and see how it is going. We can put together a plan to continue the journey. Maybe another trip to the grocery store. Maybe another in-home cooking day. If you decide cooking doesn’t work we can find a good meal delivery service or private chef to help you out. We will work together to determine the next best step on your journey to optimal health.

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