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Raw Vegetables
Father and Daughter with Grocery

What to buy?

What to eat?

How to cook?






Meal planning and recipes

Planning meals can be challenging. If you are on a specialized eating plan it can be extra difficult. I specialize in creating menus and recipes that fit your dietary restrictions, lifestyle and personal taste. I know how difficult it can be to fit meal planning into your busy life. We will work together on a sustainable strategy that fits your life. I believe that each meal is an opportunity to support and heal our bodies while enjoying amazing tasting food. Supporting your body with nutrient-dense food that supports your body is something that you can achieve and enjoy! Learn to transition from eating processed foods to eating real food.


Grocery shopping and choosing ingredients

There are SO many processed foods on the market these days. Learn which foods that seem healthy are actually compromising your health. What oils are best? Which eggs should I buy? Organic, free-range, pasture raised? Is Splenda better than cane sugar? Why is everyone buying gluten-free everything? Is gluten-free it better for me? Why should I spend more on grass-fed beef when the other beef is so much cheaper? I can help you understand the answers to these questions and so much more. I truly believe the best thing you can spend your money on is whole foods. Let's go grocery shopping!


Cooking at home

It can be hard to get motivated to cook for yourself. I love to join my clients in their kitchen, show them tips on how to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. I specialize in helping you make your favorite foods at home, this way you can control the ingredients. Anything you make at home with whole foods is going to be better than take-out. Yes, even burgers, fries and pizza. You can have it all. We just want to try and get a good balance of whole foods into each meal. Once we cook together and you taste how amazing your kitchen creations you are more likely to do it on your own. If you have a family to cook for, let's get the family involved. 


Resources and support

I am a Natural Chef, meaning that I can help you to source the right ingredients, find or develop the best recipes for your food restrictions or individual dietary needs. I cannot help diagnose or give diet direction. I do work for an amazing Nutrition Consultant that can help you with these needs. I can also help you find the right person to help you with my network of holistic healing professionals. Functional Medicine doctors can be amazing at helping you determine the right diet to help the root cause of whatever is causing your disease. I am here to help, in any way I can. 

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